Indoor Blinds Brisbane

Our beautifully tailored indoor blinds Brisbane range are a simple and cost-effective way to dramatically improve the look of your home. Not only do they add a touch of elegance to every room and come in an array of available fabrics and textures, but they are also extremely practical for everyday use. They work wonderfully in both bedrooms and wet areas, indoors, and will noticeably reduce the heat and glare coming into your home.

If you’re not sure what type of blinds will work best in your home, browse our style gallery for inspiration or Book a FREE Consultation with one of our expert consultants. They will be able to provide you with more information about our range of indoor blinds and help you find the right product. If you request a quote online today, you will automatically get 10% off your order!

Choose the Type of Blinds You Want

Barrierscreens has various types and styles of blinds to suit all the different areas of your home. All our blinds are manufactured using the highest quality materials and processes to ensure you will be able to enjoy an effective, long-lasting and beautiful feature in any room.

Roller Blinds

Our custom made roller blinds are the perfect way for you to achieve a sleek, simple look without breaking the bank. They are designed for easy use and operation, and their minimalist one-panel design will fit seamlessly into any room without interfering with any of your other design elements. Roller blinds are a simple way to give your room an elegant and stylish update, while providing all the protection and privacy features you would expect from quality window and door coverings.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are extremely versatile in their design and appearance, able to be easily customised in any number of colours and fabrics. They are especially popular for their durability and cost-effectiveness, as they hold up extremely well over time and require very little maintenance. Great for indoors, our vertical blinds are designed with a special child safe wand control system so you’ll never have to worry when your little ones are running and playing around the house.

Roman Blinds

This stunning and unique option will add an element of sophistication and intricacy to any room in your house. They are made with elegant folded details that are gathered at intervals, to create a beautiful design feature that will draw the eye and add clean lines to your space. Our roman blinds can be customised with a range of colours, textures and fabrics to either coordinate with your existing room design or to act as a striking highlight feature.

Panel Glides

Panel glides are a beautiful and practical way to create partitions in your home when you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Ideal for large, open spaces like sliding doorways or full length windows, they handle high volumes of traffic very well and fold neatly out of the way when they’re not being used. They look especially beautiful when used to separate an indoor and outdoor space, as they filter light through the fabric to give you all the visual benefits of natural light without the heat or glare.

Timber-Look Venetians

Our timber-look venetians are made from fauxwood, a high quality synthetic material that looks as clean and elegant as timber but with the added benefits of durability and weather resistance. Perfect for indoors, our blinds Brisbane products can stand up to moisture and strong sun without fading, warping or corroding. They are an elegant solution for rooms that experience a lot of sunlight or moisture like bathrooms and laundries.

Aluminium Venetians

Aluminium venetians will give your room a sleek, streamlined look. Their simplicity and clean lines mean they can fit easily into any room without drawing attention away from your design features. Aluminium is a fantastic, versatile material that can be customised in many different colours from our extensive range, and is known for its superior strength and durability. They are a stylish and cost-effective way to add some practicality and character to your home.


 How Blinds Can Benefit You and Your Home

Our quality blinds will make a beautiful and functional addition to any room in your house, and there are numerous benefits to having them installed throughout your home.

Control the light and heat entering your room. Blinds give you complete control over how much sunlight and heat is coming into your room. By opening them fully you are able to take in all the natural light, which is great for open living or dining areas. You can also open them partially, or close them completely so they don’t let in any light at all. This is ideal for rooms such as home theatres, which need to be kept as dark as possible, or bedrooms where you don’t want sunlight to wake you up in the morning.

You can have complete privacy. They also give you privacy control, with the ability to lower your blinds so people can’t see inside your home. This provides a sense of security, and is a great added security measure when you’re away from home and don’t want to leave your doors and windows exposed.

They are made from practical materials. Our blinds are made from materials that can be customised to suit your room while also being functional. Timber-look venetians will complement any room containing wooden furniture, while simple roller blinds or aluminium venetians will work with any minimalist design. In addition, they are even a great solution for kitchens as the materials don’t absorb the smell of food while you’re cooking, and for bathrooms as they are completely moisture-resistant.

They are incredibly easy to maintain. Our blinds are designed for easy care and maintenance compared to other types of window coverings such as curtains, so you don’t have to waste time keeping them clean. They don’t require water; generally a light dusting and wipe down will be enough to ensure they are always looking like new.

Once you have had your new blinds installed, we recommend that you check out our comprehensive Warranty and Maintenance Guide which will show you how to properly care for your indoor blinds, and ensure they are always looking and performing at their best.


Blinds Measuring Guide

Below is a handy guide to measuring your door or window frame for blinds, which will ensure you receive a more detailed quote from us. But please keep in mind that this is a guide only, and may not apply to all door and window designs. If you don’t know your measurements and aren’t confident in obtaining them yourself, we are happy to send a professional to your home to get accurate measurements.

You will need:

  • A tape measure (preferably metal, which won’t need to be held on both ends)
  • A pen and paper to write down your measurements

To measure for face mount blinds (fitted on the outside of the window frame):

  1. Measure and record the width from the outer edge of the timber frame to the opposite edge.
  2. Measure and record the drop from the top of the timber frame to where you want the blinds to finish.

OR, if you don’t have a timber frame:

  1. Measure and record the width and add at least 100mm for the blinds to go past the opening.
  2. Measure and record the drop and add at least 100mm for the blinds to be mounted above the opening.

To measure for recess mount blinds (fitted on the inside of the window frame):

  1. Measure and record the width from the inside of the window frame from the left side to right side.
  2. Measure and record the drop from the top of the inside window frame to the base of the inside window sill.

 Measure your recess mount blinds Brisbane frames.


Child Safety

While all our indoor blinds Brisbane are manufactured with the utmost care and in compliance with all mandatory standards to keep young children as safe as possible, you should always take extra precautions if you have little ones at home. There is the risk of injury or strangulation if your children get a hold of the cords or chains of the blinds.

  • Make sure you know where all the blinds with long cords or chains are in your house, and which rooms they are in. Any cords or chains that are within a child’s reach at floor level, or near furniture that they can climb on, should be fixed with tie-downs or tension devices. These are available from most hardware and window furnishing stores.
  • Do not put children’s cots, beds, playpens or highchairs near windows or doors with blind cords or chains.
  • Do not put furniture such as chairs, tables, lounge chairs or book shelves near blinds with cords or chains as your children can climb these.
  • Make sure blind cords or chains are not hanging anywhere that your children can reach.
  • Always supervise your children when they are in a room with blind cords or chains.

For further information about blind safety, or the current Australian mandatory standards, visit the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Product Safety website.

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