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With sleek lines and an extensive colour range, our aluminium venetian blinds are an affordable solution that make a modern impact on your space. They’re durable, versatile and stylish so whether you’re looking to cost effectively jazz up an investment property or office, or control light and heat in your own home, our aluminium venetians will suit your needs.

Tips For Aluminium Venetians

Light Leaks

Aluminium venetians are great for dramatically reducing light and their reflective surface helps to reduce heat absorption, particularly in lighter colours. It’s important to note, though, that aluminium venetian blinds will not provide a full light block solution. Keep in mind you will get small light leaks where the slats overlap and at the sides of the blind, especially in the case of inside mounted blinds.

Cleaning Your Venetians

Aluminium venetians are often derided for being difficult to clean, but this doesn’t have to be the case! Regular dusting with a microfibre mitt or similar will stop dust and dirt building up on your blinds. Simply close the blinds in one direction and gently run your mitt over the surface, then close the slats in the opposite direction and repeat.

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