Panel Glides

Barrierscreens’ panel glides are the essence of elegant simplicity. Our panel glides are perfect for larger, high-traffic openings such as sliding doorways as they fold neatly out of the way when the door is in use.

There are a huge variety of options available to help you make your panel glides your own. Not only can you choose from a large variety of fabrics, but also the number and the design of the panels themselves.

Fabric Options

The main mode of light control achieved with panel glides is the fabric itself. You can choose from blockout, light-filtering and sunscreen fabrics, each providing a different level of light control.


Blockout fabrics, as the name suggests, allow no light to filter through the fabric. Blockout fabrics are often coated or sealed with a backing to ensure minimal light leaks through the material weave. This category of fabric is great to vastly cut down light in bedrooms and media rooms or provide ultimate privacy in bathrooms and public-facing windows. Blockouts are also great for reflecting and reducing heat from your home.

It’s important to remember that even with a blockout fabric, it’s hard to completely block light from coming through your windows. Light leaks will occur at the panel joins and around the edge of your panel glide. If you require a complete light block solution, talk to one of our experts about the right solution for your needs.


Light-filtering fabrics are soft fabrics with a weave that allows a small amount of light to filter through. These fabrics are softer in feel than the sunscreens so they work beautifully with plantation or classic panel designs whilst still providing a muted light solution. Light-filters are ideal for living areas that do not require full privacy or light block.


Sunscreen fabrics are mesh-like synthetic materials that help to cut down heat and glare. These are also great for privacy during the day when the light is on the outside of the window. Sunscreen fabrics work best in a plain panel design.

Panel Designs

Panels are available in plain, classic or plantation designs.

Plain Design

Plain panel design is simply a plain panel of fabric with a slimline bottom rail (see the gallery pictures below). This design is the most popular as it simplifies the overall look of what is usually a larger blind.

Classic Design

Classic design panels have a similar look to a roman blind in that the fabric is gathered at intervals to create a folded detail.

Plantation Design

Plantation design panels are similar to the classic design, however they feature aluminium or timber battens placed at intervals instead of a fold.

Ask your expert product consultant to show you samples of classic and plantation design panels.

Panel Glide Tips

  • Panel glides are best outside mount so that they can slide past the window or door opening
  • They look best on large, full lenth windows or sliding doors

Panel glide in screentextflint