Vertical Blinds

Whether you’re seeking commercial or domestic solution, Barrierscreens’ vertical drapes are a practical and outstandingly affordable window treatment. Available in a stunning array of fabrics and colors, our vertical blinds can be made locally to suit virtually any décor.

Our wand control system is child safe and extremely easy to use. Our vertical drapes are available in either 89mm, 127mm blades and can either be fixed at the bottom with traditional link chain or use the more popular chainless weights system.

We are proud to introduce our new Echo range of 89mm PVC vertical blinds. Available in a range of fashionable colours, they are outstandingly durable and easy to clean, requiring very little maintenance.

Tips for Vertical Blinds

Light Leaks

Vertical blinds are great for reducing the light and heat that enters your home through your windows. Due to the use of vertical slats in the design of vertical blinds, in bright light situations a glow will be visible between the slats. If you require a total light block solution, please talk to one of our experts about how we can help you achieve this.

Vertical Blind Gallery