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Blinds can drastically change the look of an office or commercial space, yet they are often the most undervalued part of the fit-out. Neglected as they may be, those decorators who do carefully select the right blinds for their office space are richly rewarded with an interior that reflects the mood and culture of the business.

So how do you make the right choices when it comes to commercial blinds? It might sound overwhelming but fear not! Read on to discover our top tips for selecting blinds for your commercial, retail or office space.

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1. Functionality First

Each type of blind, from venetian blinds to roller blinds to vertical blinds, has it’s own functionality and advantages. First, we need to choose the type of blinds that suit our doors or window openings. For example, roller blinds are easy to operate and stylish to boot, whereas venetian blinds and vertical blinds allow more control over light and privacy with their tilting blades.

Fabric blinds such as roller blinds, roman blinds, panel glides and vertical blinds also have the added functionality that comes from fabric choice. For example, a solar screen or sunscreen fabric will cut glare without sacrificing your view to the outside world. This is obviously great for offices with nice views but even an average view that includes a blue sky can boost the mood and productivity of your employees.

Note: For more details on each type of blind and their functional advantages, check out our product pages.

2. Consider the Culture

It is vital that all employees are on the same page when it comes to the corporate culture or personality of a business. What better way to do this than to represent the culture of your business visually with the design of your office interior? This allows your team to be immersed in a vibrant, culture-rich environment every day.

You can create a mood or feeling with interior elements such as paint, furniture and window dressings. Choose roman blinds in a breezy, light-coloured fabric for a coastal chill vibe or go with an elegant pattern for a more sophisticated feel. Or if vertical blinds are your functional match, choose sheer, patterned fabrics for a softer, prettier look or a solid fabric in a bold hue for a striking, edgy mood.

3. Get the Details Right

As with any interior design project, getting the details right can make or break your look. We suggest creating a mood board for your project that includes colours, textures and images that evoke the emotions or mood you want to capture in your interior design. This will help you ensure that every detail ties in perfectly. When choosing the finishing touches of your blinds compare the fabric, chain and componentry samples provided by your consultant to your mood board for best results.

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4. Be Brave With Colour

Our final tip is don’t be afraid to play with colour when it comes to your blinds! Understandably in a domestic setting, people choose muted colours for maximum versatility. When it comes to a commercial, retail or office space, your interior design isn’t likely to change on a whim because it is a visual representation of your business. So, with that in mind, be bold! Don’t be afraid to colour block, play with patterns and mix and match both blinds and colours.

Remember to ask an expert if you have any questions about the right blinds for you.

Happy decorating!