“Will security screens provide better protection for my family than an alarm system?” It’s a question my team and I are often asked. A recent personal experience got me thinking about the issue again.

It was late last week and I’d had a long day moving to our new commercial space, but I was home now and just starting to unwind. As I sat down to dinner with my family, I received a phone call from our security alarm provider. The alarm sensors at our new premises had been set off.

I was looking forward to my dinner so I was already less than impressed, but the reality was that we had yet to install SecureView screens on the building and my 20-minute travel time would give the intruders a substantial head start.

When I arrived to check out the situation, I was relieved to find no signs of forced entry. No robbery, thankfully, but plenty of geckos!

I can’t complain, right? The alarm was working and no one broke in. But I couldn’t help but think, what if there had been an intruder intent on breaking in? We weren’t properly protected yet.

Here lies the fundamental difference between an alarm and a security screen. Alarms are great for letting you know if something is happening but they won’t necessarily stop a determined intruder and it just may be too late by the time you get home.

Well made security screens, on the other hand, are physical barriers that not only deter would-be thieves, but will keep out even determined intruders. Geckos included!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have no intention of cancelling my contract with our alarm company. They do a great job and have always provided me with extra peace of mind. What I am advocating, however, is that alarms are not the only form of home security protection you should consider.

Please remember only companies that can show you their own Australian Standards test results are worthy of your business. Barrierscreens is serious about security and we can show you why we are best suited to be your screen supplier. Learn more about our product testing here.

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All the best,

Jon Cuskelly
Managing Director – Barrierscreens