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Barrierscreens has been at the forefront of the domestic security industry in Brisbane for nearly two decades. We have grown our family business based on the simple principles of honesty, integrity and an unwavering focus on the needs of our customers. When it comes to home security and protection, we are the reliable blinds, shutters and security screen doors Brisbane company with the expertise to find solutions to your needs within budget!

As a close-knit local business, we always strive to create a positive culture for all staff. This has enabled us to build and retain an experienced team within our business. Most of our management team have been promoted internally from hands-on roles within our organisation and we actively train all of our team members.

Barrierscreens is proud to employ some of the top professionals in our industry. It is this industry experience and relevance that keeps us at the leading edge of new product design and development, including becoming the first SecureView highly evolved security licensee in Australia. No matter the product, you can be certain our security screens Brisbane team will help you find the perfect security addition for your home or business.

Our Focus is on You

Long ago Barrierscreens gave up trying to win sales based purely on claims of “we will beat any written quote.” Although we often can due to our competitive pricing, we believe that providing outstanding service and value for money to our customers is paramount. Our collective industry experience allows us to provide expert advice and customised home improvement solutions to our customers, which is what keeps our customers loyal.

Product Testing

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with only the finest quality solutions to suit their requirements. We are therefore committed to having our products and manufacturing standards tested to ensure they surpass industry benchmarks, including the Australian Standards. Read below to find out more about our product testing, especially on our security screens and doors.

Sophisticated Systems

Our check-measure process and stringent manufacturing and quality assurance procedures may add slightly to the delivery time of our jobs, however they also minimise work errors and ensure our customers receive an accurate installation for a quality product that perfectly suits their requirements.

Barrierscreens schedules all work using the remarkable Pheenix™ scheduling and manufacturing software. Pheenix™ allows Barrier staff to follow the progress of each job and keep our customers informed of any manufacturing delays.

At Barrierscreens it truly is our experience that will make the difference to your home improvement project. Talk to us about how we can help you add value to your home with our outstanding range of security screens, privacy screens, blinds and shutters.

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Product Testing Our Security Screens & Doors

At Barrierscreens we take product development and testing very seriously

It was not so much shock as disappointment when we were advised last year that less than 5% of security companies in Queensland actually had any of their products tested to Australian Standards. What was also of concern is that here in Queensland there is no legal requirement for any company to do so. Instead, most companies simply rely on testing done by others, usually a supplier with non specific results simply printed onto a brochure.

Unlike some security screens Brisbane companies, you can count on Barrierscreens stringent quality control to deliver the very best in all their products.

Trying to break into a security screen door.

Last year Barrierscrfreens again embarked on a quest to have each security product we manufacture and sell tested to Australian Standards. Not only did we get products tested here in Brisbane at ASSA Abloy, we tested at Azuma Design in Sydney and Door Hardare Development and Testing in Victoria.



It is important to understand that testing alone does not ensure compliance of any product. As history shows most products will actually fail some or all of the different individual tests that make up AS5039.

As a consumer you should be aware that the companies that scream the loudest on how strong their security product is may not be telling you the whole truth if they cannot show you recent test results in the name of the company that will actually install the products.

For example, a company selling and installing “SecureView”, “Invisiguard”, “Crimsafe” or any other security system should be able to show you test results in their own name and not just those done by the supplier. In Western Australia, this is the law and we believe this should be the case here in Queensland.

Testing offers very real feedback on the best methods of manufacturing and installation, such as which are the best locks to use, what are the best methods of fixings and which screws or rivets are the correct gauge and length for the most secure installation.


Barrierscreens testing the resistance of our security screen doors Brisbane frames.Testing the strength of our security screens Brisbane range.










Companies that choose not to have their products tested will never have the industry experience to correctly identify what is the best product and installation to suit each customer’s needs. So if another company is cheaper than the one who has invested in testing, we urge you to ask yourself, “Are you really getting value for money?”

A security screen door being testing for smash resistance.
With our security screen and door testing, we can confidently recommend our products knowing they will offer guaranteed satisfaction for our customers. Shop with the trusted professionals, where you can rely on high quality, tested security screens and doors and installation that will assist in your home’s safety and protection.

Don’t risk inferior security screens or inexperienced installations which could compromise your safety by speaking with Barrierscreens, Brisbane’s security screens and doors number choice for domestic security solutions.

Call us for an obligation free chat about our blinds, shutters and security screens Brisbane selection today! Barrierscreens – world class service, professional industry experience.